Moonstone for Insight
Moonstone for Insight
Moonstone for Insight

Moonstone for Insight
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Because this work is vibrational, I want that positive flow to be transferred directly to the client. So With that, we only offer With Love ADK directly to consumers. By not offering it to stores first, we are able to offer a fairer price and deeper meaning to you. The Moonstone Necklace would traditionally retail for $620 however we prefer a price with conscience and connection.
 Use Moonstone to connect with a higher spiritual perspective and tap into your intuition as guidance
Pulling that feminine lunar energy, this stone can help you drop into that sacred space where you manifest your intentions surrounding the new moon. I also recommend wearing it at points during a lunar cycle when trying to fulfill those dreams. It's a wonderful reminder that we have a deeper knowing within ourselves and this stone helps you tap into that power.
When purchasing a With Love ADK offering, I like to connect with you directly so we can find the perfect stone and energy to align you with your jewelry. Each piece comes with a selenite wand to charge and cleanse the energy that your jewelry picks up throughout the day.
intentionally sourced moonstone 
custom chain at desired length 
solid 14k gold setting and findings