Why Should You Compost?

Why Should You Compost?


Today I'm going to blow your mind on all the reasons why we ALL should be composting. 


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We focus so hard on reducing our plastic but in a world that is built for quick consumption reducing plastic feels like a huge task sometimes. It’s always interesting to me when people consider composting more difficult and time consuming than reducing plastic. However, depending on where you live there are generally cost effective pick up options that make it very easy for you. If you were to change nothing in your life but start composting (in whatever way is most accessible for you) this potentially could make a much larger impact than stressing about plastic consumption. Clearly I'd love you to worry about both, but frankly each of us only have so much mental bandwidth. 

Currently in the US we are creating around 34 TONS of food waste that is eligible for composting. By diverting your own share of this waste you’re helping carbon sequestration, soil retention, water retention in the soil and the creation of organic fertilizers thus less reliance on synthetics. In the video we created with Compostable LA I go more in depth about the changes composting creates in the environment, different ways to start composting in your area and questions you may have about starting your journey.


Click HERE to watch our talk about how to introduce composting into your daily routine.


Stay tuned for some exciting news we are announcing later this week. I'll give you a hint... it's a giveaway that you and Earth will love!




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