Energetic Vibrations

Energetic Vibrations

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The new site. The new pieces. A whole new vibration is FINALLY here! I feel like I've taken this collection to a new level. I've jumped off the cliff and removed things from our site that didn't align with my new vision. Subsequently I've also created the space to add these small batch fair found gem pieces I've been dying over. I've talked many times about the power of carrying crystals with you and I am honored to have created more ways for you to hold that intention daily.
As usual we are always refining the process as we find more ways to create sustainably. Even more than before I am passionate about creating pieces and a community that center around creating a life focused around lessening impact. Please enjoy my new creations and as always text me any feedback. I love hearing your reflections. 310.349.3741.
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By: ((( O ))) & FKJ

Cam Style Spotlight

The pendant was originally designed from hand formed clay, then we casted in recycled sterling silver.
At CAM, we connect closely to crystal energies. So we love that this necklace offers a way to keep them close.
You can pick from 2 different crystal options: Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite.
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