Refreshing Summer Popsicles

Refreshing Summer Popsicles

Herbs in the Kitchen

Easy Summer Popsicles For You and The Kiddos
• 2 quarts filtered water
• 1 cup dried tulsi
• 1 cup dried lemon balm
• 2 cups fresh nettles if available
(If fresh isn’t available do 1 cup dried nettle tea infusion)
• Juice of 3 small lemons
• 1/4 cup honey
(add more as needed to suit your taste) Steep tulsi tea for 5 minutes.
Steep lemon balm for 20 minutes. Optional to add nettle milk by blanching, blending and straining. Combine strained nettles with lemon and tulsi infusion warm in a medium pot and add honey. Turn on heat and stir until fully dissolved. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Enjoy!
This recipe was inspired by Active Culture Family

August Moon Phases       

August 3rd at 8:58am Full Moon in Aquarius
August 18th at 7:41pm New Moon in Leo

Cam Style Spotlight

Axis 2.0 Necklace
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Axis 2.0 is the updated and redesigned Axis, we
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We designed this necklace with 2 chains together
to make the styled layer look.
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