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Self Connection

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The Holidays are marketed as a time of joy. However, let's be real there is probably more anxiety and depression during this time especially this year. I wanted to bring a few tools to light to keep you centered, grounded and available to experience the joy that is present. 


Discover your type of meditation. For me this is Cha Dao, Kundalini or just plain seated meditation. It could be gardening, hiking, walking around your block. You want to find something that is easy to do when you're traveling. I've found when I have simple ways to soothe my nervous system I can easily come back to neutral and meet my family calm, collected and happy. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. This isn't me just being extreme. We've all used the endless scroll as a means of escape. But let us all remember it's proven fact that notifications and scrolling often cause anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. It makes us more disconnected, not more grounded and connected to our body.


Food and booze can be a big trigger for people during this time. I would never suggest not having a good time but do think about taking it easy. Foods we don't normally indulge in as well as alcohol can be a bad mixture for additional hard feelings during these complex times. 


Constantly check in with yourself to understand your mindset behind making choices right now. Make sure you're supporting yourself with positive and fulfilling practices. 


Words from Sophia Rose


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