Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments

Monthly Ritual

Spending time with myself and a good book
Are you reading? I know to my fellow parents that feels like a joke, but hear me out. Right now we are inundated with everything that is going on in nature and politics and gosh you name it. So taking 30min at night or in the morning to pick up a book and even just read a few pages can do wonders for your mental health. I know you probably didn't link reading to mental health but it gives your mind a break from sensory input of television and allows you to focus on one thing.
I've been called to read about traditional land practices of the tribes in the California area. If you're interested in such a topic, here are some of my recommendations.



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The Trip
Still Corners
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Limestone Hoops
Why we love them...
These hoops were originally designed from hand formed clay,
then we casted in recycled sterling silver.
Crafted with highest intention. Hoops that are timeless
with a low impact to our home.
We designed the limestone hoops to be worn in your first
or second earrings hole. Mix it up, it’s fun!
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Things I'm Into ...

Future Earth
Wooden Spoon Herbs
The Family Food Project
Going Zero Waste
Have the best day of your life!
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