October CAM Gem Journal

October CAM Gem Journal



How to be a Sustainable Traveler

Other than grocery shopping, travel for me is an area where it was easy to make a big difference in creating less waste. Bringing your own water bottle is an easy zero waste solution that feels familiar to most of us. With many airports adding refill stations, this solution not only reduces your waste but you also ends up saving money. For me, I end up saving a ton because of course I go through about 80oz of water on a given flight. That's a heck of a lot of money in plastic bottles. Airports can be expensive across the board so another solution is to bring your own food (little known fact...you can travel with as much food as you want just not liquids.) Bringing food cuts out a lot of the individual packaging waste. I prep all my food the night before, put it in my stainless steel or small glass containers. My carry-on is usually full of food and a book. I love bringing my own food while traveling, it makes my trip more comfortable to have my favorite snacks with me.
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When I took my Herbalism Course with Gaia School of healing out here in California, I focused on making medicine the whole family could take using single herbs. One of my favorite ones I made was a ginger tincture that aids in settling an upset tummy as well as digestion. Not to mention if you need a little pick up, it can give you a real good boost. I love ginger!
What you will need:
8 oz Glass Jar
1/3 cup Dried Ginger
2/3 cup of Glycerin
Raw Honey
To make the tincture:
Fill 1/3 of the jar with dried ginger pieces and then top it with 2/3 glycerin (and water mixture). If you are using glycerin please remember it's 80/20 glycerin to water. Once you've put the mixture in your jar let sit for 6 weeks minimum in a cool dark place. Strain out the plant material so you just have the syrup left. Do not throw away the plant material because I have another plan for that! The syrup can be added to any sparkling soda to make your own ginger ale. Please remember that it will be a lot stronger medicinally than traditional ginger ale. This means if you're going for a strong taste with this type of syrup it may be very activating to your digestion.
Now with the strained plant material put in the blender with a good amount of high quality raw honey. I generally use it as a half/half since we are giving the plant material a second life. Blend the ginger and honey and pour into a new jar. You'll also let this sit for 6 weeks before using. However, this can chill in your cabinet to be added to tea anytime you want. The infusing ginger honey will only get stronger with age. Add to hot water for an amazing post dinner drink.
Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback. I would love to hear how this ginger tincture worked for you.
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Under The Hood: Thom Knoles 
Part I: Stress and Pregnancy


Expanded with Lacy Phillips
How to Hack Your Own Power  with Shaman Durek

Fire Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz Crystal is a very specific variation of Quartz. These crystals are usually only found in Brazil, and have ridged “record keepers” along their sides. It is said that these stones were planted in the earth by the Lemurian people (Lemuria was an ancient civilization much like Atlantis). These stones are said to hold the wisdom and grace of Lemuria, with access to the Akashic Records and past lives. Lemurian Quartz also allows us to feel the concept of oneness in a way not yet realized. She is an amazing tool for remembering our connection to the divine and spirit, showing us the tremendous and infinite supply of energy and support we have available to us. This particular Lemurian Quartz has Iron and Hematite inclusions, making it slightly more grounding and energized than Clear Lemurian Quartz. This piece has a flavor of passion, creativity, and fire thrown in as well.
Lemurian Quartz is an amazing tool for past life and akashic records work. The ridges on this stone hold records of information. Rub the ridges in meditation and see what comes through. Lemurian Quartz Crystal and energy information provided by the radiant Ashley Abbott. Be sure to check out her sacred crystal collection and follow her daily journey @sacredfem
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Ant Na Siftee by White Sun

Local Community Awareness

RaMa Institute

October 3rd - 6th 9:00am - 6:00pm
Immense Grace Presents: Self-Healing 
Technologies Immersion 
with Guru Jagat



October 11th - 13th
Love Tea + Mantra

Love Yoga Venice

October 13th 7:45pm - 9:15pm
Feng Shui: Home as a sacred space
using the magic square
with Kyle Freeman



Beauty Ritual  

As I've gotten older (and became a new mom) I've made a point to simplify my beauty routine. Sometimes I think we get so dependent on the ritual for self care. It becomes a chore. Thus, I've paired it down to essentials: a good cleanser and moisturizer… that’s it! I also have moved to only purchasing things in glass and with ingredients I know and understand. For several years now my cleanser has been this Masa & Olive face paste by Moon Fat. The masa acts as a gentle exfoliator which I love and the olive oil moisturizes so I don't even have to do that after my shower if I don't feel like it. This is an olive oil based product, so make sure these ingredients are okay for your skin. I’ve noticed that my skin loves olive oil based products, so these types of products make up the majority of my skin care routine.

Another product I use daily during the summer is the Calendula oil from Oshala Farms. It's the full flower (picked on their family owned farm) and infused in high quality olive oil. Calendula helps with rashes, burns, and scars (of which I have from a lifetime of acne when I was younger). It's healing, cooling and most importantly brightening.

I love when cost effective and natural beauty products go hand in hand.
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