Nourish Yourself with Plant Base Skincare

Nourish Yourself with Plant Base Skincare

Sustainable Skincare

I spent my teen years like most thinking that the harsher a product was on my skin the more it was ‘killing’ the acne. We were in a full on war. But it was my step into sustainability that helped me understand that actually my skin is an organ that can take care of itself so less is more. Isn’t that always the case with sustainability (or just life)….less is more. 

I can only speak from personal experience but I noticed that once I cleaned up my diet and left my face alone (not picking at it or putting makeup on all the time), this amazing organ was able to regulate and produce the amount of oil correct for my constitution. This doesn’t mean I only wash with water all the time, but on a daily basis it’s water rather than an herbal infused oil. 

Once a week I also like to sparingly use a honey mask to heal skin impurities. Honey is antibacterial and allows my face to receive moisture while balancing the oils. I especially like it after my period because I inevitably will get a pimple or two during that time. Check out this video of my routine

For me the only thing I tend to switch up is the herbal oil or serum I use. I try to align the herbs with the weather. Here in LA we get intense wind that can dry out my skin, so in that case I would reach for an oil that had extra nourishing herbs or even my favorite aloe face lotion which feels like a nice thick barrier against the wind. 

Keep it simple people. Look on the back to know and UNDERSTAND the ingredients. Consider the packaging because a company who cares about the end life of its packaging, pays extra attention to the ingredients. 



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