March Monthly Ritual, Spotify Playlist, IG Saves

March Monthly Ritual, Spotify Playlist, IG Saves


Monthly Ritual

Daily Ritual, Morning Meditation and Tea 

Last month I talked about using tea meditation as a way to drop into my creative space quickly. Each morning I even with the new baby I try and take at least 30 minutes to sit quietly in meditation. It feels important to sit for at least three bowls to allow myself time to drop in. Some times I am sitting there ignoring the fact that my 2 year old is yelling 'I'm AWAKE' from her crib. However it allows my soul to settle and it's always work waking up a bit early to check in with myself.

I thought I'd take the opportunity this month to introduce you to some resources...

Global Tea Hut
The non-profit site that supports my teacher WuDe and publishes an amazing resource educating about the leaf. They also sell tea and teaware that supports spread this form of meditation.

A beautiful workshop space in LA/NM that has amazing teachers coming through. They also have a tea room on site that offers 3 sits a week as well as intensives.

Living Tea
A company in the same Cha Dao tradition who also supplies tea and teaware.






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