Mirco Intentions

Mirco Intentions

Intentions and How To Set Them 

I am not big on New Years resolutions. Sadly most of them fail. However, let's talk about the more micro intentions you can create quarterly or monthly that could lead to big change as you reach 2022. Often when we set these lofty goals in January we don't have enough of the foundational habits to back up such a large jump. I set goals and create a vision usually around the New Moon of each month so I have a marker. Also energetically I enjoy this alignment. Try for the first few months of the year to keep these smaller goals. Give them a full cycle to manifest and by mid year reflect on how you're working your way towards the larger things you had in mind in January. Also I highly recommend the following podcast for more information on my those big New Years goals are generally a flop.       



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Sweet Tides

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Cam Style Spotlight  | E2A.03 |

  • Made of silk, gold filled metal and gemstone beading.
  • At CAM, we connect closely to gemstone energies. So we love that these necklace offers a way to keep them close.
  • You can pick from 5 different gem options: Opals, Moonstone, Garnet, Labradorite and Carnelian



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