May Sustainability Tips, Podcasts, Insta Sales & Saves

May Sustainability Tips, Podcasts, Insta Sales & Saves


Sustainability Tips

Up-cycling a single use item...


Another fun DIY Up-cycle!!!

We are making natural plant dye from Avocado seeds


What You'll Need:

Large pot with lid
Bucket or large mixing bowl
Gentle soap
Twine or Rubber bands optional
Water 3 liquid quarts
Salt 1/8 of a teaspoon
Avocado seeds 4-6 seeds

Making Dye:
1. Add avocado seeds + dash of salt (salt helps the dye stick to fabric)
2. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer covered for 1 hour
3. Strain avocado seeds, and pour liquid into a glass jar
4. Label and date the glass jar, then refrigerate
5. Now you have natural avocado seed dye

Dying Fabric:
1. Add warm water + soap in a large mixing bowl or bucket to soak fabrics for 30mins
2. Add pre-soaked fabrics with natural dye, after fully submerged simmer for 1 hour *you can use your twine to make a tie dye design
3. Remove from heat and let fabric soak for 24 hours
4. Using gloves, wring out dye from fabric
5. Rinse fabric in cold water until water runs clear
5. Wash with like colors
6. Store leftover dye in an airtight container, reheat and use for another dye bath

Here is a helpful Youtube video! 




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