May Monthly Ritual, Spotify Playlist, IG Saves

May Monthly Ritual, Spotify Playlist, IG Saves


Monthly Ritual

Body flow, this is my favorite workout ritual

Can we just all acknowledge how many amazing offerings there have been during this time? I've been able to take classes from around the world, with teachers I'd never have access to normally. It's really wonderful. However, that type of freedom can get overwhelming during this time of inward reflection.
Body movement is of utmost importance first thing in the morning both to wake up your chi and also to get your lymph system moving. Awakening those energies also strengthens your immune system which is very important. For this reason, I take around 12 minutes to do a combination of stretches and sun salutations. First thing in the morning next to the stove while my kettle boils for tea, I do my exercise. I don't even need a mat. I just get the body moving right where I can. It's nice to see where I am holding and where I am flowing. It informs so much about my day just in those few minutes.

If you are looking for a class, my favorite is @loveyogaspace




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Solfeggio Harmonics: Travel through cosmos with angels




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