May Herbs In The Kitchen, Moon Phases, Insta Sales & Saves

May Herbs In The Kitchen, Moon Phases, Insta Sales & Saves

Herbs In The Kitchen

Chef Camila Does Nettle Two Ways...But Why?!


I know we’ve talked so much about nettle in every issue and I get it. You’re over it. But I wanted to feature an herbalist sister of mine Camila. She recently joined me on IGlive to go over nettles two ways. She has such a connection and respect for nourishing the body and I wanted to share that beauty with you.

I will also be featuring her herbal medicines on my instagram and doing a giveaway. I am always encouraging you guys to make your own but I know those projects aren’t for everyone so I’m happy to share what she is making.

Lastly I know not everyone has access to those good backyard nettles, so I’ve done the research for you about where get some fresh nettle. However, on that note I highly recommend getting nettle seeds and growing your own. Remember it’s a weed. So easy to grow!

I am going to leave with an excerpt from Rosalee De La Foret’s new book ‘Wild Remedies’

Nettle leaves are high in nutrients, including calcium, fiber, protein, potassium, flavonoids like ruin, ascorbic acid, glucosamine, beta-carotene, vitamin K, and many more. Few plants boast the nutrient content of nettle, and few plants have benefits as dramatic when enjoyed frequently. Eating nettle or drinking its strong tea regularly often results in healthier bones, stronger teeth, and more brant hair. Nettle can also improve skin health and is frequently used to reduce eczema and acne. 

Follow along for more creations from Camila HERE
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April Moon Phases

May 7th Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:45am

May 22nd New Moon in Taurus then Gemini at 10:38am



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