Spring Smoothie and March Moon Phases

Spring Smoothie and March Moon Phases

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Spring Smoothie with Sprouts


I've recently really gotten into sprouts. Because of some tummy issues with my eldest daughter we've gotten really into gut health in our house. There is a guy at our farmers market that all he does is different types of sprouts. If you don't know much about sprouts here is a quick synopsis...they contain a high content of living enzymes making them great to repopulate gut bacteria and help with digestion. I've been putting a big handful in everyones smoothie each morning. I do the broccoli sprouts which have a very mild basically watery taste. You'd never know they are in there. They are also very popular as a garnish but I wanted all of us to consume a hardy amount of them so in a smoothie they go. If you're brave enough here is my epic digestion smoothie. Nothing is ever measured so work with me.

Here are a few things I learned about sprouts ...
-They increase nutrient absorption 
-Increases protein availability
-Increases antioxidants and enzymes 
-Can breakdown gluten for easier digestibility

Smoothie Recipe ...
-Frozen blueberries
-Frozen spinach (farmers market)
-Frozen dandelion greens (farmers market)
-Unsweetened almond milk
-Huge handful of broccoli sprouts
-Protein powder of your choice or collagen powder
-A healthy amount of peanut butter

March Moon Phases

March 9th Full Moon in Virgo at 10:47am

March 24th New Moon in Aries at 2:28am



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