November CAM Gem Journal

November CAM Gem Journal




Sustainable Kitchen: Easy Ways You Can Stock Your Kitchen with Reusable Products 

I've figured out a lot of hacks to cut down on waste in my kitchen. Some were easier swaps than others for the DeLaney crew.
My first and easiest swap was a huge soap block from BYO Long Beach. We use this block to clean all our dishes. Many dish soaps have hidden toxins that you wouldn't want to use for children and frankly if I can’t use it for my kids why would I want to use it for myself. This block also lasts for months which is amazing. If you're more of a liquid person, we use See if you have a local refill place. I know you probably think you don't but you might be surprised.
My next swap challenge for the DeLaney crew was getting rid of using paper towels. Think about how mindlessly you go to grab and use a paper towel to clean up when you have a perfectly good dish towel sitting right there. Basically I just stopped buying them and purchased these two-ply cloth towels. With two babies we go through a lot, so we have two packs in the kitchen. Then I put a little bin on top of the washer where we can quickly throw the cloth napkin to be cleaned whenever we do laundry. It cuts down on so much waste, but I will warn you this swap can be a bigger adjustment for some.
My last favorite swap that I use daily is my wooden dish scrubbers. We have two different types, one is perfect for wide-surface dishes and the other is for narrow or hard to reach dishes (like bottles or cups).  These you can of course buy on Amazon but also I've seen them at just about every grocery store. For me this one is a bit more symbolic because it keeps you thinking about the things you use on a daily basis that are produced mainly with plastic. Word of warning with wood scrubbing products. You need to constantly make sure it dries out after each use. Wood is decomposable and will lose it’s bristles if there isn’t proper care.






Easy Crockpot Bulk Chickpea Recipe

An item you can often buy in bulk are chickpeas. I know they come in cans but you can get SO much more if you buy them in bulk and make them taste much better. This dish we are about to talk about it a favorite of mine and it’s super easy! Actually it's not really a dish but more of a base that you can do whatever you want with.
When using bulk dried chickpeas you need to just soak them overnight in water. No certain amount of water just make sure the water is double the depth of the beans because they will expand quite a bit. Soak overnight and drain in the morning. Place in crockpot with bone broth and cover. When choosing a bone broth you want something fresh if possible. Ideally in glass (of course). I also place Kombu in mine for extra nutrients however I haven't found this in bulk yet.This type of seaweed is packed with vitamin A, C, Iron, and most important for my family great for immunity.
Cook in your crockpot on low while you are away for the day. Just taste and turn off when they reach your desired tenderness.
How I enjoy them:
-Put in the oven for crispy chickpea snacks
-Over a salad
-Eat plain (This is usually how I like them)
-I've also seen people make them into little chickpea patties



Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To… 

EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
Andy Mant: BLUblox Glasses
Get a deeper understanding about blue light, the different colors of the lenses and what they do, and how to hack our surroundings to protect ourselves from light pollution.



Moon Phases

November 12 Full Moon in Taurus at 5:34am PST
November 26 New Moon in Sagittarius at 7:05am PST
October 31 to November 20 Mercury in Retrograde



Quartz Point with Rainbows

Crystal Energy:
Quartz is a natural amplifier. It amplifies all energies, really allowing us to become more aware of the subtleties around us. When using Quartz for specific intentions, the Quartz will amplify those intentions, giving all of its energy to that particular task. This is why Quartz is often used in grids and for healing, as it will do all in it's power to create the desired effects.
Use this stone to amplify any intention or manifestation you are working with - hold this stone in your hands and ask it for assistance for creating what you desire. Quartz is also an amazing stone to amplify the energy of other crystals by placing them next to one another, in a grid or whatever way feels intentional to you. This will create a beautiful flow of energy between the two stones.  Quartz Point Crystal and energy information provided by the radiant Ashley Abbott. Be sure to check out her sacred crystal collection and follow her daily journey @sacredfem
Energy Icons:
-Cleansing (new icon addition)
-Transformation (new icon addition)

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Local Community Awareness

Mercado Sagrado - Annual Fair
Nov 16th & 17th at King Gillette Ranch
Crystal goddess @sacredfem will be part of the lineup, be sure to stop by and say hi!
Ashley Abbott @sacredfem
Personal crystal readings and crystal prescriptions
Now accepting November clients
Prism November Event
Nov 30th at Prism Boutique - Long Beach
We will be part of the lineup, be sure to stop by and say hi! 


Monthly Ritual: Yoni Steaming

This past week when I posted in my stories about my postpartum ritual of Yoni Steaming it drummed up a lot of curiosity so I thought I'd add the information to this months newsletter.
The word yoni is a Sanskrit word for womb of vagina, so this is essentially a vagina steam you can perform at home. Although the steam I am doing currently is for postpartum care, this ritual isn't limited to mama’s. You can also steam prior and post moon cycle (period cycle). This ancient practice has helped women connect with their sacred center for healing and care for centuries.
Here are a few yoni steaming benefits:
- Helps to reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion in connection to our cycle.
- Aids in regulating irregular or absent cycles.
- Decreases old or stagnant blood that can be left from your previous cycle the color of your blood color gives useful information about our body.
- Speeds the healing process and shrinking of the womb postpartum.
- Assists with the healing of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar.
- Treats uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, vaginal/yeast infections and works to maintain healthy odor.
- Assists with the healing of hemorrhoids.
Along with the physical benefits, yoni steaming also unlocks stored emotions and reconnects us to our body. Steaming is a relaxing ritual that uses water to open and clear our root chakra.
Here’s what you will need to steam:
  • Dry herbal mixture. For my postpartum mixture I am using lavender, chamomile, rose hips, uva ursi, witch hazel, plantain, and peppermint (you can also buy pre-made mixtures to treat specific conditions)
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Towel
  • Toilet (I use my toilet as a yoni steaming chain often because it's easy to set up, its comfortable and when done I can flush it down)
Here's my easy home set up:
  1. Combine your herbal mixture with water into large cooking pot. Slowly bring the pot to a boil. You're basically making a huge pot of tea.
  1. Pour the boiling herbal mixture into a bowl that will easily rest into the base of your toilet.
  1. Rest the steaming hot bowl of tea in the base of the toilet bowl. Sit on the toilet as you normally would. Place a blanket over your lower half. This is important because it will help trap the steam. After you sit down the heat does increase a bit so be mindful not to overheat your vagina.
  1. Sit for 15-20min. For more resources please check out


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