CAM Gem Journal - Growth

CAM Gem Journal - Growth

Personal Statement

There are a lot of places for growth both personally and professionally and it’s time to add race to that list of issues I bring awareness to. This will be an imperfect process but what is important to me is that I continue to use my platform for positive change. To me there is no point in just basically selling you a product and blindly furthering my complacency in systemic racism. Instead I want to create beauty through art and change through education and action. Everything is linked and nothing can be ignored anymore.

Going forward our newsletters will of course provide herbal and sustainability information but it will now include a section to keep you involved and updated on important social issues. I am here to create change through art and community actions. Are you ready?


Black Owned Bookstores

Herbs in the Kitchen

Getting Fungi With it

You guys the benefits of mushrooms will blow your mind. Truly. Today I am just going to cover Lions Mane because I just finished growing a HUGE cap. One of the most simple ways to understand the function of a plant or fungi on your body is to look at the shape and see where it maps on your body. For example, a Lion's Mane mushroom most closely resembles your brain. Thus, it's actually been found to be beneficial in protecting against dementia, boosting brain function, relieving mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduces inflammation.
Mushrooms after growing my own I can attest to the fact that mushrooms feel so much more alive and interactive than even just growing plants. It’s like having a pet. If you do one thing watch the documentary below called Fantastic Fungi. It maps out so beautifully the interwoven nature between us and the fungi. After watching that you’ll understand why we will probably break mushrooms into a several segment story. Lucky you!
Ways I ingest my mushrooms is by eating, drinking and growing.
Add any variety simple sauce with salt and pepper (eat with reverence).
I don’t drink coffee often, but if I do I make it medicinal of course. The Lions Mane variety from Four Sigmatic is my go to, especially for travel.
My grow kit is from Nearby Naturals. Pick your mushroom and start growing!

Moon Phases

June 2020

June 5th
Full Moon in Sagittarius at 12:12pm
June 22nd
New Moon in Gemini then Caner at 11:41pm

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