December CAM Gem Journal

December CAM Gem Journal

Introducing CAM’s new fully sustainable collection, sharing my secrets on how I stay balanced and nourished during time with family.


Sustainability Tip

Earth To Alloy
CAM's Sustainable Jewelry Collection


As we look forward towards the beginning of spring summer, we felt most inspired by California’s coastal energy. Earth To Alloy is a collection rooted by earth's texture and grace, to serve as a reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us. To absorb that energy into each piece, we journeyed back to basics by hand shaping each form from clay. From there we aligned our continued efforts in sustainability using recycled metals and locally sourced chain, fair trade beading and reclaimed stones.
Earth To Alloy is hand crafted from clay, then produced locally in los angeles with recycled metal materials. All chains and findings in this collection are produced by a small family business in Rhode Island. We feel it’s important to find small local business (just like ourselves) and help to support them as much as possible. In that same thread of conciseness, we sourced some beautiful eco-friendly and conflict free seed and gemstone beads. The wonderful team that we recently partnered with has made it their mission to make strides in fair trade as well as bettering the living conditions of many families in developing countries.
We love what we do and by building relationships with other hard working sustainable companies, we find that each piece of jewelry in our new collection holds highest vibrations of care and beauty.

Herbs in the Kitchen 

Herbs to support you during time with family
My meditation teacher often says we have 48 hours with our family before all of our self work and growth fails us and we fall back into patterns from our childhood. Despite our best efforts. In my understanding family trauma or triggers that come up with your family often reside in the root chakra because that's where our essential needs are met. It is the chakra that always needs the most consistent attention and healing. It isn't until we have a strong root chakra that we can clear and cleanse our higher chakras. So what are the best ways to do that.

For the root chakra I like to visit the four nourishing herbs, Nettles, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Oat Straw. Making a simple infusion of hot water over any of these herbs is the easiest way. Below I will list where you can buy these from quality resources. I recommend throwing in 1/4 cup of the herbs into a quart size jar. Pour over hot water, seal the jar and leave on the counter until the morning. Sip the tea slowly in the morning when you first wake up. I consider it a moving meditation.

If you are doing traveling for the holiday you can also look at tinctures of any of these herbs. It's easy to travel with and take a few droppers each morning for support when dealing with triggering situations.


Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To…

Mother the Mother

|Ep. 32| Birth + The First 40 Days Experience
In Bed with Christen Delaney & Her 17-Day-Old Baby

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Moon Phases

December 12th  Full Moon in Taurus 

December 26th  New Moon in Sagittarius


Crystal Vibrations

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis, to me, is one of the ultimate third eye stones. People often assume Lapis works with the throat chakra because of it’s color, but energetically, I feel it is more connected to the Third Eye. Lapis has this amazing way of opening and honing our third eye - expanding our intuition and psychic abilities. While this stone focuses on our natural intuitive gifts, she also works with our intelligent mind, increasing our inner wisdom and intellect. Our discernment will become cleaner and more precise when working with this stone, and while we may know ourselves, our needs, and our wants, more clearly with this stone, our understanding and omniscient perspective will also expand. This means, we will feel less inclined to hold attachments towards the end result of experiences or relationships, and we will be more understanding and forgiving of others when working with this stone. I also have experienced a deep connect with Ancient Egypt while working with this stone, which can be very powerful work.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal and energy information provided by the radiant Ashley Abbott. Be sure to check out her sacred crystal collection and follow her daily journey @sacredfem


Spotify Share

Ram Dass x East Forest


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Monthly Ritual

Simple ways to honor your ancestors
and those not with us during this season


This will be my first Christmas without my Grandma Muffy who I was extremely close to. I think so often in our culture we don't have a way for honoring these souls that are woven into our daily life. So this holiday I wanted to share the simple way I do things daily and encourage you to try your own way of honoring during this season.

On the altar of my bedroom I have a place with a picture of my grandmothers, an offering cup of tea and a little area to burn incense. When I get up in the morning I will stand in front giving gratitude and love to the photos then light a small chunk of incense. If I haven't filled my offering cup in awhile I will also sit down in meditation and do that as well. I generally fill that once a week.

These are small things but sometimes I think small things that are easy to accomplish, where you give gratitude daily is a better way to go.


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