Bone Broth, Body's Liquid Gold

Bone Broth, Body's Liquid Gold

Benefits of Homemade Bone Broth


I am sure we all have heard of and understand that we are supposed to be consuming bone broth but do you understand why? Or better yet how to make it. I will keep it simple because you can easily google the benefits.


Traditions across the world have used variations of bone broths especially during Winter months because the minerals and nutrients. During these colder months we need the extra collagen, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. You can take these things in a pill of course but when we consume it in food it makes it more bioavailable for our systems to process. I also like it first thing in the morning for gut health. It soothes inflammation and aids in digestion. There is reason to suggest that it can also heal leaky gut syndrome which most of us have.


First I start with my mushrooms. You can get some amazing mushroom powders that are easily accessible. I also have Reshi mushroom slices I add in. Then I collect the aromatic herbs like sage, rosemary and add fresh garlic and ginger. Personally I add dried herbs to anything I can as well so in go nettles and burdock which are part of the nourishing herbs. Last and I am sure I will loose a lot of people here if I haven’t already lost you, but in goes seaweed. Not the seaweed snacks I steal from the kids but Kombu (which I always have on hand for cooking) or Dulse which I love but don’t always have on hand.


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Here is a helpful video on  how to make bone broth - watch HERE

This witches brew can be drunk in the morning to sooth your gut and jumpstart digestion or when cooking rice I always use a bone broth instead of water. My family hates me sometimes but honestly if it’s not medicinal in some way what is the point!



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