Community Give Back

As an individual and a company CAM has always been involved in giving back. However, in 2019 we felt called to work with one organization instead of a handful in order to go deeper with our mission and to feel the extent of our impact.

Starting in early 2020, CAM joined 1% for the Planet.

This organization gave us the structure and accountability for charitable giving. Christen worked with them to find a local organization that aligned with our environmental and sustainable mission, allowing us to not only donate resources, but also time.

We chose to align with Community Healing Gardens for many reasons but mainly because of the vertical support they provide to the community. CHG regeneratively grows food for both the Venice and South Los Angeles communities, provides climate-based education and hands on gardening in order to allow greater economic opportunities.

If you’ve been a part of the CAM Community, you know the importance we place on educating people on low-waste living. A huge part of that is understanding regenerative food systems and how they impact a whole community system. Thus, it’s with great pride that we partner with CHG and offer continued support.

We invite you to deepen your understanding of their work and make an energy contribution if you feel called.