Cacti Propagation

Cacti Propagation

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Cacti Propagation

As much as I love going to the nursery to grab a new plant, sometimes propagating an additional plant makes more sense. For Example, we love the look of having to cacti at our front entry but one made it and one didn't. I am going to propagate two substantial arms of the successful plant and let them grow into these pots as new entryway plants. I will then take the existing larger cacti, give it a bigger home and some TLC.
Below are the steps but remember you can also do this with smaller indoor succulents or cacti: 
Identify what type of cacti you are trimming. Does it have it's own rootball
or can you cut a segment like I did for my plant.
Cleanly cut a segment 4 inches or larger at the base of the segment.
Leave the new cut-off cacti/succulent in a warm dry area 
allowing the 'cut' to heal over. Make sure it isn't in direct sunlight. 
Fill desired post with a cacti/succulent specific potting mix
(this generally is a rockier mixture to allow for proper drainage). 
Plant your  cacti/succulent only deep enough to allow it to stand up. 
Give it a heavy water and put in indirect sunlight in a warm spot.
Water only when soil is totally dry. It should root within a month and
hopefully you start to see new growth just after that!

September Moon Phases

September 1st at 10:22pm Full Moon in Aquarius then Pisces
September 17th at 4:00am New Moon in Virgo then Libra

Cam Style Spotlight

Silent Summit Ring

This ring was originally designed from hand formed clay,
then we casted in recycled sterling silver. 
Crafted with highest intention.
A ring that is timeless with a low impact to our home.
We designed this ring to be worn as a pinky ring or midi ring.

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Pandemic For The Indigenous Population

Pandemic For The Indigenous Population

Important Conversations

Pandemic and The Indigenous Population

Our entire history with the indigenous peoples of this nation is fraught with repression and it’s become incredibly apparent during this pandemic. More deaths per capita are happening on reservations than several states combined. It is due in part to a lack of access to proper protective equipment and sanitation measures that should not be allowed to take place in America.
However there are people on the ground making a difference. They are not waiting for the bureaucracy or red tape. Instead they are accepting donations to implement the safety measures on the land that people deserve.
Often giving to big causes can be tide up with administration fees. When you give to people out there buying supplies and driving it themselves to the land to hand out, you’re able to make significant impacts with even a small donation. Please check out our resources to aid those in need during this time.
Here's an informational post of how Coronavirus pandemic has
affected the Navajo Nation.


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Here's a sneak peak at this Weekend story sale item 

Ascending Necklace

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New Plant Friends in My Home

New Plant Friends in My Home


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My New Green Babies

I’ve been into gardening for several years now but spending so much time in my house during quarantine has really gotten me into indoor plants. Every week I’ve come home with more and more plants. I don’t feel qualified to offer advice quite yet on how to successfully care for indoor plant babies just yet so instead I’ve linked some of my favorite plant follows.
Especially when we are spending so much time at home there are many health benefits to adding greenery. They purify the air, reduce stress and increase happiness by grounding you with that natural energy. Even though I have ample access to outdoor space there is something about adding plants inside that shifts the energy.
Want to add greenery in your home? Here is what we learned from Maryah, creator of @greene.piece about picking the right plants to your home.
Natural light
You want to observe the amount of natural light that fills the room and for how long. Next is to understand where your direct and indirect light is in the room. Knowing the lighting in each room will help to guide you to the right plant.
Lifestyle & Vibe
Adding greenery to your home will change your daily routine. Think realistically about how much your home and how much time you can dedicate to plant care. Some plants will require daily water or misting, while others you can water once a month. After considering maintenance, think about aesthetics. Are you more jungle or Joshua Tree? Plants will also evoke a more caring and nurturing side of you, bringing harmony and cleansing energy to your space.
Learn more about the potential new plants for your space. What type of climate do they live in? Look at the amount of light and water they normally receive. Reach out to other plant lovers and ask about their experience with a plant your eyeing. The more you know before purchasing, the better your chances of success. No one wants to watch their new plant baby die slowly in their home. That's just bad vibes!
DJ and I had a wonderful time chatting with Maryah. She was so helpful with all of our questions and I really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of my green babies. Follow her on Instagram and be sure to reach out to her if you have any questions or need some guidance.


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Mix Beaded Wrap

This wrap is made with fair trade seed beads supplied by a
small family business in Colorado.
Each piece is handmade by small team of women.
We designed this wrap at a long length of 36 inches
so you can wear it multiple ways.
Shop this style, click HERE

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