Sweet Soil ... Garden Talk

Sweet Soil ... Garden Talk

Herbs in the Kitchen

Super Rich.. Herbs
Herb gardens are not only a good entry point for new gardeners, but they are also an easy way to bring more nutrient density and diversity back to your plate. One of the reasons I’ve made a garden a priority in our family is because after food is picked it looses more and more of it’s nutrient content.
For example, food at the grocery store takes around 5-7 days to get there. Spinach (an item prized for its high vitamin and mineral content) looses around 90% of its vitamin C content within 24 hours of harvest, and 50 percent of its folate and carotenoids within a week as found by a study done at Penn State.
I won’t get to in the weeds on this topic right now, but the foods we are eating are already compromised by the soil they are grown in. When you add on top of that long transit times for food to get to you, you’re getting a very degraded version of the fruit or veggie you were hoping for.
I know gardening can be daunting but even if you can grow small things like herbs, your vastly improving your nutrition.
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Propagation Herb Garden - Watch HERE

October Moon Phases

October 1st at 2:05 pm Full Moon in Aries
October 16th at 12:30 pm New Moon in Libra then Scorpio
October 31st at 7:49 am Full Moon in Taurus

Cam Style Spotlight

Wetland Necklace
The pendant was originally designed from hand formed clay,
then we casted in recycled sterling silver.
We love the melted shape of this pendant, it was organically
made by an open flame.
This beloved pendant inspired us to make a badass signet
ring for our next collection.

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Sustainable Clothing Brands That I Love

Sustainable Clothing Brands That I Love

Sustainability Tip

Sustainable Clothing Brands I follow and purchased this season.
A few selective pieces to keep for years to come. 
A have grand plans of being a minimalist. If you saw my closet when I styled on the East Coast you'd be horrified. Easily two closets and four rolling racks in a small apartment. So overwhelming. However overtime I am now down to sharing a closet with my husband. Part of that has been decluttering pieces I don't need but the larger component is being intentional when I bring something new in.
If I am bringing something new into my wardrobe, ideally it is second-hand or made of sustainable/recycled materials. I like to buy from small business that create limited quantities because having a massive stock of product is not Earth friendly. Lastly price can be a hard piece for people but remember that when you pay more for a piece it is making sure that the people in the supply chain are appropriately cared for and it's more likely that the garment has great quality to last you longer. Longevity is what we are going for her. Make it meaningful and make it last.
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Ram Dass Here and Now - Dharmic Roles
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Weekend CAM Insta Exclusive

Here's a sneak peak at this weekend story exclusive style
Carnelian Bracelet

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Reset, Recharge and Explore

Reset, Recharge and Explore

Monthly Ritual

Local Summer Getaways with the Family
I am just not quite ready to get on a flight with my whole family. My toddler has always been big into licking airplane seats so as you can imagine that's a nightmare. However, being bound to California has been amazing. There is so much to explore. In order to mix it up for my family I have committed to at least one trip a month in nature. We've always been big into AirBnB and Hip Camp to give us options. For the rest of the year we have on tap Forest Falls, Big Bear, Joshua Tree and Idyllwild. Bonus points if there is no cell service haha. 
Having both my husband and I work from home has actually been amazing because it gives us the flexibility to explore these locations during the week when sites are quieter. Being in nature, in our own house and changing the scenery offering the four of us a new adventure has really improved
all our our mental health.
Check out our links below for some ideas.

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Cam Style Spotlight

Visions Cup Necklace
The pendant was was originally designed from hand formed clay,
then we casted in recycled sterling silver.
Crafted with highest intention. A necklace that is timeless
with a low impact to our home.
We designed this pendant to be worn with the crystal
facing out or in towards your heart.
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