Preventing Micro-Waste

Preventing Micro-Waste

Sustainability Tip

Preventing Micro-waste from Entering our Water Supply
Did you know you are eating micro plastics? But how did they get into our bodies you may ask. There are actually so many ways but I feel like food is the simplest way to explain it. A micro plastic is any small piece of plastic less than 5mm. There is no place on Earth these small pieces of plastic haven't reached. Something becomes a micro plastic by being broken down over time by environmental factors. Contributors to this problem can be big things like astroturf, or small things dust from our home. Today we will touch of synthetic fibers as a contributor. Majority of the items in your closet are made up of synthetic fibers like polyester. Even if it's a cotton item, many times it's a blend. Every time you wash those fibers small particles break off and get rinsed away. But that rinse goes directly to the ocean. Once those colorful pieces of plastic are in the ocean they are gobbled up by crustaceans, fish and basically everything else in the oceanic food chain. Of course if you cut open a fish with a belly full of plastic you wouldn't eat it, but some of these pieces are so microscopic it's smaller than a grain of salt. All of us have these micro-plastics running through us at this point. However, I will stop depressing you there and give you a way to lessen your impact on this problem.
The guppy bag is a solution that works well in our house. You simply throw any synthetic clothing in there and wash as usual. You may look in the bag and not think it caught anything, but check the seams. Remember these are less than 5mm. You'll see small particles caught in the seams that you rescued from polluting the ocean! GO YOU!

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The power of your voice

The power of your voice

Important Conversations

The power of your voice. Becoming an active participant in society
Today for Important Conversations I want to bring awareness to pre and postnatal care for BIPOC women. The statistics are depressing. These women are 3-4x more likely to die during childbirth vs. white women. As a woman who has had the privilege to birth at home, I can attest to how disempowering the standardized Western birth process can be as it is structured now. I was able to work outside the system because I have privilege and access to midwives and doulas. The below organizations are looking to bring power, safety and security back to the BIPOC birth community.
I am here to spread awareness on different causes and charities that are making a difference in our community. If you know of something you'd like us to bring awareness to I'd love to hear from you. Just shoot me a text at 310-349-3741.


Black Midwifery Support - Go Fund Me

Ancient Song Doula Services


Herbs in the Kitchen

How to store your fresh greens to keep them longer
I did a video on tiktok about this and apparently it's a novel idea. Your greens are living. If you give them water when you get them home they perk up similarly to a plant. I treat them like a house plant but just in my fridge. I change their water often and it will honestly give you an extra week on your produce which is so worth it.
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Saying Hello to Nature

Saying Hello to Nature

Monthly Ritual

Saying Hello to Nature

By now you understand that my connection with nature is one of the things that keeps me grounded every day. Especially when our movement is limited, it has allowed me to more closely become connected with the everyday nature around me. I am lucky enough to have outdoor space and so I’ve been trying to give my garden extra love.
Every morning while my kettle is on I stretch and then stroll the garden to see which plants need water, pruning, and who has produce I can pick for lunch or dinner. Whenever I take any actions with a plant I thank it and send it love. This helps build a relationship between us. Science has even proven that plants respond favorably to positive affirmations.
This is how I interact daily with nature in my small way. Whenever we go to the ocean, I take the same approach, greeting and thanking her for her beauty. It’s living. It’s part of us. Treat her as a friend that you’re beyond happy to see.

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