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These 14k yellow gold earrings are used as an easy way to carry the power of crystals with you. Worn individually and paired with other crystals or as a pair to enhance the power of that stone. 


Turquoise is one of the oldest stones offering protection and strength. It helps us move forward into the unknown. It can bring you the calm blue/green waters to level your mind and make decisions about your future. Because of the cooper in the stone, it offers a certain amount of amour against unwanted thoughts or psychological intruders. 

Also available as a necklace. Please inquire christen[at]anandadevkaur.com

Each piece comes with a selenite wand to charge and cleanse the energy that your jewelry picks up during the day. I suggest laying your jewelry on the wand at least once a week to clear it. 

We also package this special jewelry in hand-sewn leather pouches. Pouches can be used to store these talisman or to keep crystals and other talisman secure.