All pieces are custom designed and made per client requests. I can help you find a center stone, but I also work with heirloom stones. To inquire about having custom pieces created, please email

The Story:

There wasn't a ring involved when we first got engaged on a cloudy Friday in January. We are averse to some of the stale traditions that tend to surround engagements. After finishing a surprise treasure hunt, collecting clues by traipsing up hills, around ponds, and through forests, Ellie met Jonny at the end of a picturesque beach in the San Juan Islands. There, we agreed to spend our lives together with a champagne toast.

As we moved forward with wedding plans, we decided we wanted to see if there was a ring out there that could be unique enough to symbolize our bond. The initial results were not successful.  It seemed no matter how much we looked, all the options were uninspired.

We were so lucky to be referred to Christen. She immediately understood our aesthetic and pointed us to an insane collection of rare and jaw-dropping stones. Starting with a stunning sapphire with a unique cut, a design reminiscent of Art Deco architecture organically evolved. After a few iterations back and forth, all parties decided upon the baguette diamond accents and sunburst design detail to complete the piece.

The end result is a ridiculously gorgeous piece that we can’t stop looking at. We are thrilled that the process of designing it perfectly embodied what makes our partnership what it is: approaching our joint decisions with consideration and intention. Christen was the perfect partner in making this happen. She provided us options to make the ring unique and knew when to lean on her experience and push us in the right direction. It couldn't be more perfect for us.