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All pieces are custom designed and made per client requests. I can help you find a center stone, but I also work with heirloom stones. To inquire about having custom pieces created, please email

Mudras are simply very powerful hand positions. Gyan Mudra in particular is commonly seen in connection with most images of meditation. However, it can have deeply powerful connections with opening the root chakra, which can be very calming to those using it and allow for an openness of the mind and spirit.

When working with this particular client it came through that she needed strength in her root chakra in order to gain confidence for an entrepreneurial venture she was launching.

During my guided meditation, I saw that the Gyan Mudra was to be set with a triangle ruby. The color red and rubies in particular are deeply connected to the root chakra. Red is the deepest and slowest of the wavelengths on the color spectrum. It aligns with the density of our root and a grounding nature.  

A three sided stone is also a common symbol for a base. Three points of contact create the strongest base. By setting the stone in the seat of the hand you bring the energy into a position where it is literally and metaphorically 'held' allowing the wearer to tap into that strong grounded energy. 

Each piece comes with a selenite wand to charge and cleanse the energy that your jewelry picks up during the day. I suggest laying your jewelry on the wand at least once a week to clear it. 

We also package this special jewelry in hand-sewn leather pouches. Pouches can be used to store these talisman or to keep crystals and other talisman secure.