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All pieces are custom designed and made per client requests. I can help you find a center stone, but I also work with heirloom stones. To inquire about having custom pieces created, please email

These pieces serve as a simple reminder of your centers. This client experiences sensitivities and different blocks or stagnations in her energy centers throughout the day. 

We created this piece of the symbols all aligned together in order to remind her to pause, center and focus on them spinning correctly and gently open together. 

The solid 14k gold conducts positive energy, comfort and attunement to your guides and nature. It's gentile weight on your chest hugs your heart. 

Each piece comes with a selenite wand to charge and cleanse the energy that your jewelry picks up during the day. I suggest laying your jewelry on the wand at least once a week to clear it. 

We also package this special jewelry in hand-sewn leather pouches. Pouches can be used to store these talisman or to keep crystals and other talisman secure.