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  • 10k gold plated brass 
  • Sacral chakra pendant  // 19mm x 25mm size 
  • Rolo chain // 24" chain length 
  • Cleared and cleansed before leaving the studio to ensure they reach you with the highest vibration.
  • Made in Venice, California.

I feel the Sacral Chakra often gets lost in the shuffle because it's center point is less recognizable. It can be found about two finger widths below your belly button. It is our connection to others and pleasure, both sexual and plutonic. It is also very tied to our sense of abundance and well being. 

If you've taken a look at the Root Chakra you know that I believe that you have to work from the bottom up. Well, the Sacral comes after the Root and you can progress until you understand how to process the simple everyday pleasures around you as well as sexual pleasures. 

Do you have skin sensitivity to standard plated jewelry? Or would you like just a longer wear with your gold chains? Well make sure to select 14k Gold Fill for your chain option. This chain will keep it's gold color and shine longer than gold plating.

Want silver plated style? Guess what it's available and is made when order. Please note for this preference in the notes section and allow 2 weeks to process.

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