Ananda Dev Collection

Custom jewelry based on your energetic blueprint.

You have unique energy, and live a creative life, with special talents. You deserve jewelry that helps you feel like you're more of yourself. You deserve something one-of-a-kind. Something made just for you.

Christen Delaney is the creator of CAM Jewelry, a desert lover, and an intuitive reader. She's excited to offer this new service, alchemizing intuitive readings and her passion and talent for creating custom wearable works of art.

This special offering is a two-part service, consisting of an intuitive reading with Christen, and then a custom jewelry piece to help you feel more balanced and complete. Christen will create a one-of-a-kind wearable talisman bundle, based on your reading. This bundle could containing gemstones, precious metals, or specified shapes that came up during your reading. This bundle will help enhance a fully balanced, whole spirit and encourage you to work towards your dharma.

Currently readings are done virtually (although we are working towards doing more in person sessions in Los Angeles.) Christen and the client with discuss via phone/skype any specific questions or themes they'd like to touch on. Then within 24-48 hours Christen will respond via email with any findings. From there, Christen and the client will work toward designing his or her custom talisman bundle.

These are available on a very limited basis, and have a waitlist of six months, as they take time to design and complete. The fee for the reading alone is $200. From there the client and Christen will discuss a budget for the project and design a bundle for your needs.

Use the form below to book, and our team will be in touch to get your reading scheduled.

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