Why The New Look

Why The New Look

I will make this quick, but I felt it was important to talk about why I dedicated so much time and resources to our new site. When I was doing the daily vlog (which will be coming back shortly), I really felt that I wanted to reach out and connect more to my consumers. I was hearing such great feedback that I knew I needed to skew my platform to be more content friendly. 

With that said I took on creating a bigger space here for content and hopefully that allow everyone who is interested to engage more. Eventually I'd like to also open up a question section to allow people to ask either about the products I sell or more importantly about some of the interesting information I share about on social media.

I will come back to share more later about my intention for this new site, but in the meantime it's the new moon in Aquarius and it feels more important to share about that. 



TONIGHT we have a Full Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, that also happens to be the last Lunar Eclipse of 2016. ...Goodbye, eclipse season! 

Full moons represent a
culminating point and allow us to let go of anything that no longer serves us, or is preventing us from reaching our highest good. Both Full Moons and Eclipses give us heightened energy that there's no doubt we've all been feeling the effects of this week. 

Next week, when the Fall Equinox hits, we're given even more of an opportunity for transformation, to embrace any darkness (to overcome it) and move towards the light. It's time to tap into our intuition to identify and release any blockages (toxic relationships, unhealthy patterns, etc) that might be holding us back from our path of greatest good.

>>>  T H E   R  O O T   C H A K R A  <<<

We're highlighting the power of our Root Chakra this month to give us the foundation and direction as we move out of Eclipse Season and into Autumn. Ruled by the color red, and located at the base of the tailbone, the Root Chakra provides the basis on which we build our life.

Our Root Chakra Necklace was designed to serve as a reminder to put our basic needs first and to solve issues surrounding shelterfood, money and emotional needs that are holding us back from successhappiness and enlightenment. 

It's important to work on the Root Chakra first, before attempting to remove any other blockages, to create a solid foundation for opening the chakras above.