February CAM Gem Journal

February CAM Gem Journal


This month I'm sharing a few easy sustainable medicine cabinet swaps, my favorite in season snack and talking about the importance of creative flow


Sustainability Tip

Top 3 Medicine Cabinet Swaps

Bathroom swaps seem to be hard for people because you get your 'self care' routine and when it's working it's working. People are reluctant to mess with that. Also when we think of low waste we tend not to think of the small trash items like Q-tips and floss. All of this adds up in the landfill over time. The floss the container and trillions of Q-tips. I've put a swap for both of these things below. I know sometimes the idea of cleaning a reusable Q-tips seems gross but it's your own gross so get over it. Another item I listed below is a tongue scraper. I feel like most of you have probably seen these at health food stores, but maybe you don't understand the benefits. A scraper allows you to remove the bad bacteria that lingers on the top of your tongue. You might think you can brush it off but that actually pushes it back into your tongue. This aids in oral health as well as preventing some serious bad breath. Easy swaps people. Remember you don't have to go zero or even low-waste overnight. It's about looking around your life to see the small things you can change.

Herbs in the Kitchen

Easy and Healthy Snacks

I follow a lot of moms that put out recipes, not only because of course I have kids but mainly because the recipes they put out are generally easy to put together along with healthy. They never do like a million ingredients because that's insane to try and do with kids. So this one is my new favorite. It's so easy. Kale is in season at our market and frankly these 'kale chips' feed the need for that salty greasy snack.

Recipe from @thefamilyfoodproject

Preheat to 400 (she suggested 300 but mine needed hotter)

- Wash, dry and trim ends of FULL kale leaves
- Lay on parchment paper
- Drizzle with oil (she used avocado oil, I used jalapeno olive oil)
- Sprinkle with pink salt
- Bake in the oven for around 10min or until crisp (watch them carefully because they will burn fast)

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Moon Phases

February 8th Full Moon in Leo at 11:33pm
February 23rd New Moon in Pisces at 7:31am

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Monthly Ritual

Creative Flow: Creativity is good for you and your health

The annoying thing about a creativity flow is you kinda have to feel it. I've had to force that feeling a bit since having kids because you can't just drop in and create whenever you want. So I at least try and create creative time post meditation in the mornings. Having tea meditation seems to set the tone and I can so quickly flow into some creative work.

However, when designing I'll try and take a quick quiet moment of reflection to set the tone. Sometimes I'll light a little aloes wood incense which I use during tea to bring that vibe back. And maybe a little boiled tea on top of that. All those things to me trigger that it's time to be creative. Really you have to find your triggers that signifies to your mind that it's time to let go a bit and allow some magic to happen.

Here’s a helpful podcast that explains the importance of creating space in your life dedicated to creative flow. It shares helpful tips on starting this process for those who need some guidance.

Shop Our Favorite Earth To Alloy Styles

Spring Summer 2020 Sustainable Collection

Spring Summer 2020 Sustainable Collection

Earth to Allow is hand formed from clay and then casted in los angeles by recycled sterling silver. All chains and findings used in each design is produced by a small family business located in Rhode Island.

Our seed bead styles are made of fair trade beads supplied by a small family business in colorado. In addition to their fair trading practices, our supplier has made it their mission in bettering the living conditions for families in developing countries. 

Our love for precious stones and sustainability inspired the decision to introduce the perfect match, reclaimed Diamonds. These unique diamonds are sourced from a family operated business in new york and are available to add to any piece in this collection.

January CAM Gem Journal

January CAM Gem Journal

New Year, new intentions ... Let's take the journey together!

Sustainability Tip

New Year, new goals to evolve our sustainability efforts

This New Year the team and I are trying to reduce our waste and I hope you'll join us. This months sustainable tip is a fun one for your closet that takes very little action. Given that every second a dumpster filled with clothing is hauled off to a landfill or burned, we wanted to try and reduce our clothing waste. Clothing waste isn't something I've talked a lot about in my sustainability tips, but over the last three years I've really focused on either buying consciously or buying less. When cleaning out my closet this is my favorite tip for seeing how often I actually wear certain items. At the beginning of the season I turn all my hangers backwards, so by the end of that season if any hangers haven't been flipped the right way, I know I didn't even touch that garment. It allows me to quickly see which pieces I can donate or trade with friends.

Now say you really aren't digging my idea about downsizing your closet...fair. Let's try something else. Think really hard before purchasing about where your clothing is coming from. I've become a strong advocate for second hand clothing. With the rise of instagram and people selling things in their stories, so many good vintage sellers have come out. It feels special and you get to really interact with the seller. Even if you're looking for high end designer clothing there are places like The Reel Reel. I will list some of my favorite vintage sellers down below. Seriously scroll through and find a few sellers who are your vibe. It will make finding pieces really special.

If buying second hand clothing is not your thing, I suggest shopping with ethical brands. There are so many new brands making strides in this area and provide transparency around how or what they are made with. You can find brands like Christy Dawn whom use deadstock fabric (fabric that is discarded by other designers when they are done with it) and create no new textile waste.


Here are some great sustainable brands that I love.


2nd Hand:
The Reel Reel

Responsibly Sourced:
Christy Dawn


Herbs in the Kitchen 

 Kava to relax from the holidays

We all know the holidays, no matter what you celebrate can cause stress. Our buttons are pushed, our boundaries are tested and with each passive aggressive jab we feel more and more sensitive. It happens but how do we come down from it? I have to check if I can drink this while breastfeeding but Kava is one of my favorite tools.

This herbal medicine releases tension around the heart, opens the crown, allows the throat chakra to respectfully speak the things you've been needing to say. For me it quiets the monkey mind and brings me more in line with my senses which is more relaxing. I can't say enough good things about it. If you need to have a serious conversation with someone, I highly recommend brewing up a cup of Kava because it puts you into that loving space far away from your reactive state.

Below is my favorite way to make this beverage:
- 1teaspoon ground kava root
- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
- 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
- 1 tablespoon coconut cream
- 1 teaspoon honey


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EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

Ep. 72 - Light and Hormone Health with Andy Mant of BLUblox


Moon Phases

January 10th  Full Moon in Cancer 

January 24th  New Moon in Aquarius


Crystal Vibrations


Crystal Energy:
Apophyllite, the stunner of the mineral kingdom. She is a high frequency, angelic being that lifts us up when no others are willing to. Apophyllite is considered the stone of radiant joy, urging us to lift our resonance, especially if we are in a slump. When our resonance is high, nothing can stand in our way and all things are possible. This stone is very high frequency and has the tendency to open our awareness to the divine.

How to use:
Apophyllite is an amazing stone to place in the home, especially in communal areas. It will allow the energy in the space to flow with grace and ease, creating a more harmonious environment. Apophyllite is also a stone that works well in meditation, lifting us up to the realms of the divine and allowing us a bit of respite beyond our earthly bodies.

Apophyllite crystal and energy information provided by the radiant Ashley Abbott. Be sure to check out her sacred crystal collection and follow her daily journey @sacredfem


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Monthly Ritual

Jewelry refresh

Hi everyone, this is DJ and I wanted to share some of favorite ways to shift my energy by refreshing my jewelry. Chances are you exchange a lot of energy throughout the day, whether through connection with others or internally. 

Most of my jewelry is solid gold or sterling silver, so a lot of the time I’ll keep the same pieces on weeks at a time. I love jewelry essentials that I can pair perfectly together and never need to remove. I’m lazy and I will forget to put jewelry on if I had to do it daily. However with that laziness I started noticing a shift in myself. My desire to look and feel my best each morning was lost and a go-getter attitude started to quickly fade.

I looked closer at my rituals to see where I could make personal improvements, and I started with bi-mothly jewelry refreshers. This can also apply to clothing, body or mind nourishments. As we change and shift the mundane, we keep ourselves engaged in the present and stimulate those repetitive areas in our lives.


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