Your Voting Power

Your Voting Power

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As our election day gets closer, I wanted to about the power of your voice.
No matter where you stand, I think 2020 has given us enough reasons to get out and vote. But where to start. There are so many issues and candidates to vote on beyond just the presidential election. Often these smaller offices can make the most real impact in your community.
Below I've put some sites that I've used to assist in...
1. Checking you're currently registered at the correct address.
2. Confirm if you're going to mail your ballot or vote in person.
3. Understand who's running and educate yourself on their platforms.
4. Create a cohesive list of who you're voting for so you walk into your polling place with a plan.
Voter Checklist
Ballot Ready

Words for Thought

From Welcome To The Movement
Let your voice count, so vote!

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