New Plant Friends in My Home

New Plant Friends in My Home


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My New Green Babies

I’ve been into gardening for several years now but spending so much time in my house during quarantine has really gotten me into indoor plants. Every week I’ve come home with more and more plants. I don’t feel qualified to offer advice quite yet on how to successfully care for indoor plant babies just yet so instead I’ve linked some of my favorite plant follows.
Especially when we are spending so much time at home there are many health benefits to adding greenery. They purify the air, reduce stress and increase happiness by grounding you with that natural energy. Even though I have ample access to outdoor space there is something about adding plants inside that shifts the energy.
Want to add greenery in your home? Here is what we learned from Maryah, creator of @greene.piece about picking the right plants to your home.
Natural light
You want to observe the amount of natural light that fills the room and for how long. Next is to understand where your direct and indirect light is in the room. Knowing the lighting in each room will help to guide you to the right plant.
Lifestyle & Vibe
Adding greenery to your home will change your daily routine. Think realistically about how much your home and how much time you can dedicate to plant care. Some plants will require daily water or misting, while others you can water once a month. After considering maintenance, think about aesthetics. Are you more jungle or Joshua Tree? Plants will also evoke a more caring and nurturing side of you, bringing harmony and cleansing energy to your space.
Learn more about the potential new plants for your space. What type of climate do they live in? Look at the amount of light and water they normally receive. Reach out to other plant lovers and ask about their experience with a plant your eyeing. The more you know before purchasing, the better your chances of success. No one wants to watch their new plant baby die slowly in their home. That's just bad vibes!
DJ and I had a wonderful time chatting with Maryah. She was so helpful with all of our questions and I really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of my green babies. Follow her on Instagram and be sure to reach out to her if you have any questions or need some guidance.


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