Pandemic For The Indigenous Population

Pandemic For The Indigenous Population

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Pandemic and The Indigenous Population

Our entire history with the indigenous peoples of this nation is fraught with repression and it’s become incredibly apparent during this pandemic. More deaths per capita are happening on reservations than several states combined. It is due in part to a lack of access to proper protective equipment and sanitation measures that should not be allowed to take place in America.
However there are people on the ground making a difference. They are not waiting for the bureaucracy or red tape. Instead they are accepting donations to implement the safety measures on the land that people deserve.
Often giving to big causes can be tide up with administration fees. When you give to people out there buying supplies and driving it themselves to the land to hand out, you’re able to make significant impacts with even a small donation. Please check out our resources to aid those in need during this time.
Here's an informational post of how Coronavirus pandemic has
affected the Navajo Nation.
Navajo Water Project
digdeepwater Pandemic on the Navajo Nation
Donate to World Central Kitchen


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