Welcoming Winter Solstice

Welcoming Winter Solstice

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Understanding Samhain
Truth be told I've never been the biggest Halloween person. Just not my jam. However, what I do find more interesting is how we got the holidays we celebrate now. Halloween morphed out of the tradition of Samhain (pronounced sow-wen) which is the Galic festival marking the end of the harvest season. The nights grow longer and nature dies back as Winter sets in. It is also when the veil is thinnest allowing us to celebrate those who have gone before us and honor the cycle of death all around us.
There can be so much waste when decorating for a holiday, so we wanted to include a few sustainable decor ways to celebrate the change of season in your home. The girls and I are always grabbing fallen leaves or flowers to place them around the house. For some of the nicer flowers and herbs we find, drying and using them as a garland or arranged in a glass jar. I also a great craft with friends is making candles from jars you've saved. I also like to add the dried herbs and flowers in my candles too! I'll share a few YouTube videos if you'd like to make any of these low waste decorations.
Lastly, I aways like to remind people to take a moment during this holiday season to light a candle and say a blessing for your loved ones on the other side.
Click HERE to learn more about  Samhain.
Click HERE to watch a video of how to naturally dry flowers.
Click HERE to watch a candle making tutorial.

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