What's grounding, and why is it important to your energetic health?

What's grounding, and why is it important to your energetic health?

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I am hoping to put more information like this on here so if you like it hit me up via social and let me know. I asked Charissa my resident crystal expert to step in on this one to talk about the pieces she uses to ground as well as ways to ground when you can't get your hands on certain stones. 

At the end of the piece I will also offer the ways in which I ground. Here in Los Angeles (or any city really) I feel it could never be more important to utilize this practice daily if not hourly. 


Grounding is the practice of bringing the erratic and errant energy in and around the body down into the root chakra, towards the Earth's center.

Think of it as an energetic exhale.

Grounding is something that is important to do regularly, as a part of your ongoing energetic health. Think about the way that lightning grounds itself -- when it strikes the ground, it takes the path of least resistance, to ground itself. That's what we are doing with our own energy. We are taking the charge from in and around our body and grounding it down into the earth via our root chakra.

There are many things that will help you ground yourself, without any crystals. Baking is really grounding if you like to be in the kitchen. This is often what I choose when I'm stressed out or needing to let go of excess energy. The act of also literally putting your hands or bare feet on the ground (earth) outside will help you ground. The Earth recycles energy, and using the conduit of the ground outside to release your excess energy is a good way to ground quickly.


There are also crystals that are popular for grounding:

  • Hematite - this is a wonderfully grounding stone, and sometimes the first stone that people can intuitively feel, because of this! Hematite comes polished most often, and is easily found in metaphysical shops or rock stores. If you have high blood pressure or suffer from chronic inflammation, limit your time around Hematite.
  • Black Tourmaline - the number one choice I use in healing sessions if a client needs to detox from EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies). This stone is powerfully grounding, and popular too! It's a good idea to keep it in your office space around computers or phones, to help mop up the extra energy that can cause you to feel ungrounded.
  • Agate - Agate is very popular, and is a gentle stone -- but is still powerful. Agate is my number one recommendation for children that need to stay grounded. It's a "user-friendly" stone, and it will help to effectively remove excess energy from its environment. Keep it in a pocket, or sit with it in meditation to help ground you!

There are many stones that help you to ground, and many activities that will help you ground -- these are just a few of my favorites! Grounding is important for your energetic health, no matter your age or profession. (It's especially important for healers, empaths, and sensitive people!)

What is one of your favorite ways to ground? Leave it in the comments below!


Thank you so much Charissa. This girl is truly knowledgable. I honestly can not sing her praises enough. 

On to how I ground...

As you all know I have another crystal friends Azalia from Place 8 Healing. Long ago she gave me three travel baggies full of about 3-5 necessary stones. In every bag had several grounding stones. The idea is you have a bag of stones with you wherever you go. I have one in my travel backpack, my purse and my car. This makes certain you have at least one grounding stone with you at all times.

These tumbled stones are so inexpensive at any rock store that you could easily make your own bag. However, if you want them charged up with all sorts of good energy here is the link to Azalia's pack. 

The Essential 3 Tumbled Stone Pack

Like both Charissa and I spoke about, we like to have ways to decompress without needing a physical object like a stone. 

-Walking barefoot anywhere and everywhere I legally can. Some spots by my house have even accommodated me when it's not legal and I love them for that. 

-I am lucky enough to have an outdoor shower and I use it easily 90% of the time. This is such a power and quick way to tap in to energy around you.

-Gardening (often barefoot for good measure). Tending to and learning from nature and your own garden no matter how big is so soothing. 

I feel like I could add to this list forever. Living in cities is taxing on the physical body and the nervous system. Without these types of tools in your arsenal you can so quickly spin out and get frazzled by the smallest inconvenience. 

Everyone has different tools that work for them and it is worth investing the time to understand what those are. 

Sat Nam

Brushing Your Way To Beauty

This is for sure not the first time I've written about dry brushing. I came upon this habit a few years ago and it's been an addiction off and on since than. Pair it with a cold shower and I am in heaven! 

Along with soft hydrated skin, the main benefit of brushing is the stimulation of the lymphatic system. 

The lymphatic system is a highway in your body that delivers important bodily fluids and can protect you against infection. Having a highway the moves functionally can keep your body balanced in happy. Often when you are experiencing sickness it's because of blockages and a lack of clean fluid circulating your body. 

Take up this quick and inexpensive beauty habit and get things moving.