Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio

Maybe I have a special affinity for this intense Scorpio moon because I have double Scorpio in my chart with my moon and rising sign. There is never anything casual about the watery emotional depths of Scorpio as it governs transformation, death and sex (read: intimacy).

This Flower Moon is giving a forceful pull, beckoning you to fulfill your Dharma (life's purpose). 

While the Full Moon often carries the theme of release, Scorpio takes this a step further demanding change in order to fulfill your dharma. Change is coming and change is constant. The only aspect of change we can control is our reaction.

How do you read the above image? Are you drowning in the waters of change? OR are you cleansing in the watery depths of our feminine energy only to emerge stronger? The later seems intense, but the transmutation of that energy is powerful. 

Change is building and intuition is riding high. Take time today to sit alone and identify the changes that have been pushing at your soul. What are you resisting about those opportunities? How can you flip the script to find power in these actions? If you release anything, release the resistance and excuses. Dive into the water. Think Transmutation instead of Change.

New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus

New Moon in Taurus with all her fierce vibes. This is such a beautifully deep earth sign. I feel like month after month I've been harping on these intense retrograde energies. Well take a deep breath, lay back and watch the sky. Taurus is here with her healing energies to hold you, love you and show you how to relax again.

During this time listen to your heart to see what feeds it. Do you need more relaxation and what is actually relaxing to you? Get out in nature and show gratitude for the warmer weather and spring blooms.

Be slow, loving and appreciative.

For those of you doing wishes every New Moon, the topics you want to write about are the following.


Sensual Pleasure





Releasing Stubbornness 


Have the best day of your life,

Ananda Dav

The Purple Dove

The Purple Dove

After the success of yesterdays Full Moon in Libra post I did some thinking. So many people reached out via Instagram, DMs and text to talk about how important and helpful reading about the Full Moon was.  It seems as though many people were feeling off and a little ungrounded. 

Every day I spend a few quiet morning hours meditating, reading, drinking tea and reflecting on the thoughts that arise. I've done some form of this for many many years which has resulted in so many untouched journals sitting in a storage unit. After yesterday I decided not to leave these conversations in my journal and instead put them into our online journal. My thought is that you can never imagine what type of information will help people. 

Lately a purple haze has been hanging around (not the drug. I think there is a drug called that too.) When I meditate there is purple. When I walk around my house I will see almost a purple filter over things. It comes and goes but this morning the message came in real strong that I should look into that.

As I sat down to research a bit about it, the whitest dove I'd ever seen in LA flew into our outdoor space and sat on top of the telephone pole across from where I was doing tea.

Hopefully you reading this understand that those things aren't accidents. When a dove flies into your meditation space you look it up! 

Upon reviewing the two symbols it seems as though they have quite a bit in common which I will list below.

-The dove serves as a celestial messenger linking intuitive thought (air) with common reality (earth). The color purple on the other hand is associated with the crown chakra which connects one with the infinite consciousness. 

-Purple holds the spiritual and earthly power together and promotes higher spiritual thought. As the Dove in my space cooed it symbolized the thinness of the veil between the spiritual and physical world. They coo in the early morning hours or during dusk most often. 

One thing about the dove that doesn't necessarily connect with purple but I thought was worth mentioning is the fact that it is often used as a dream totem or symbol for dream interpretation. I fell in love with this because she arrived during the time in the morning when I review my dreams and messages from the night before. 

Also, since purple and the crown chakra are associated with amethyst and clear quartz I will probably put those crystals in a more prominent place this week as well. 

Now you're probably saying Christen, what is the point of all this really AMAZING information. What do you do with all of this? Frankly this is really just an exercise in trusting the information that comes to me and the symbols that present themselves. I don't expect other people to do much with this information. For me, it is about trusting it enough to converses about it in a public forum. It allows me to air out the weird and host it somewhere else other than my journal. 

I am also hoping that anyone else who has thoughts about such things feels comfortable contacting me. I am always interested in other peoples takes on such things. 

Have the best day of your life,

Christen (Ananda Dev)