Sustainable Clothing Brands That I Love

Sustainable Clothing Brands That I Love

Sustainability Tip

Sustainable Clothing Brands I follow and purchased this season.
A few selective pieces to keep for years to come. 
A have grand plans of being a minimalist. If you saw my closet when I styled on the East Coast you'd be horrified. Easily two closets and four rolling racks in a small apartment. So overwhelming. However overtime I am now down to sharing a closet with my husband. Part of that has been decluttering pieces I don't need but the larger component is being intentional when I bring something new in.
If I am bringing something new into my wardrobe, ideally it is second-hand or made of sustainable/recycled materials. I like to buy from small business that create limited quantities because having a massive stock of product is not Earth friendly. Lastly price can be a hard piece for people but remember that when you pay more for a piece it is making sure that the people in the supply chain are appropriately cared for and it's more likely that the garment has great quality to last you longer. Longevity is what we are going for her. Make it meaningful and make it last.
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