Staying Sustainable Over the Holidays

Staying Sustainable Over the Holidays

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Sustainable Christmas Tree Practices

For those of you decorating for Christmas this year, I want to plant some ideas surrounding the use of a Christmas tree. For the past few years my family has used a living tree. This tree is delivered in a pot and then picked up to be replanted. This creates less post holiday waste and ensures the beauty of the tree keeps giving.

However, if you're going to grab a cut tree there are some things to know. First check to make sure it's coming from an organic farm. Many of these places are small honorable family owned operations, but you want to make sure to grab an organic one so there are no chemicals entering the watershed.

Trees are generally grown on rolling hills not suitable for other agriculture which is amazing because it keeps land from being developed, providing shelter, food and air cleaning properties to local wildlife. The trick comes in the tossing of the tree after the holiday lifecycle. Once you're done with it please consider having it broken into firewood or mulch for local gardens. Don't just toss it on the side of the street. It has so many uses left in the lifecycle to be honored.


Here's a important read about real vs. artificial Christmas trees.
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