The Spring Equinox is the crossing of the sun when day and night are at an impasse and come together. From here the day progresses and the night recedes as we move into the 1st day of Spring.

In this new astrological year it's time to take and eagle eye view of our path and the progress. Are we headed where we aimed to be? Or are we floating through our decisions on a path that we had no hand in creating.

We are drifting out of Pisces and into Aries, the holder of action. A power play if you will to put those things you've been ruminating about into real motion. This doesn't mean patience has come to an end. NONO! In fact, once the message for inspiration has come down, then begins the real test of patience as you work through the weeds tweaking, testing and perfecting this rumination.

Write today. Write today reviewing your goals, action and progress from the past year, then set the intention for what is to come. BE DELIBERATE. BE THOUGHTFUL. BE BRAZEN!

-Ananda Dev Kaur [Christen DeLaney]