Saying Hello to Nature

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Saying Hello to Nature

By now you understand that my connection with nature is one of the things that keeps me grounded every day. Especially when our movement is limited, it has allowed me to more closely become connected with the everyday nature around me. I am lucky enough to have outdoor space and so I’ve been trying to give my garden extra love.
Every morning while my kettle is on I stretch and then stroll the garden to see which plants need water, pruning, and who has produce I can pick for lunch or dinner. Whenever I take any actions with a plant I thank it and send it love. This helps build a relationship between us. Science has even proven that plants respond favorably to positive affirmations.
This is how I interact daily with nature in my small way. Whenever we go to the ocean, I take the same approach, greeting and thanking her for her beauty. It’s living. It’s part of us. Treat her as a friend that you’re beyond happy to see.

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