Refresh and Reset Your Energy System

Refresh and Reset Your Energy System

Cold Plunge


I got onto cold plunges in 2012 when it was part of the fitness scene. Then it followed me into Kundalini and I started doing them again. Now instead of doing cold showers I love using the ocean. Some people will complain that the Pacific is always cold (babies) but in the spring the air can be 75/80 and the water a balmy 50 degrees making it perfect to hop in, dunk your head (the most important part if you ask me) and warm yourself in the sun. 

Beyond being a complete refresh and reset for your energy system, it circulates the blood and lymphatic system. This flush of fresh blood to your muscles and organs can reduce pain, inflammation, and even toxins.  

If a full submersion into the ocean is a hard no, start by turning your shower water to cold for even 10 seconds before you get out. Do it long enough and I promise you’ll start seeing some serious changes.


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Gobinday Mukunday   |   By Jai Chand + Grayson

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E2A.33   |   Starry Summer Ring 

1. Originally formed in Terra Cotta red clay, then reworked into a ring.

2. Created with recycled metal allows for the ethical awareness of this ring to be magnified through the power of intention.

3. We wanted this ring to combine the beauty of Mother Earth and simplicity.

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