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Off the Grid

Disconnect and Off the Grid

Setting limits on my phone has made the most substantial impact on lessening tension and anxiety in my life. While I would like to give it all up and start a homestead I am still responsible for my business. Since I found setting phone limits so helpful, I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to see how off grid I could be. Recently I found the Light Phone. While it felt like an investment it also felt like a really good solution for my life.


The phone pairs it all down. No glitzy screen or tempting apps. It does have podcasts and the ability to add music. The only thing I miss is a camera (but frankly I could take a few less photos). I've only had this a short time, but even just using this phone to have next to me when I sleep has allowed me to rest so much deeper. I have no idea if that is a real effect or just psychological but really it doesn't matter.


What matters is if someone REALLY needs me they can find me but frankly everything else can wait. It's so paired back there is zero temptation to even stare at the black and white screen while I wait in a checkout line.




Check out The Light Phone for a great minimalist cell phone. 



Spotify Share     

Bahuta Karam (Flow of Prosperity)

By: Hansu Jot

Click HERE to listen.



Cam Style Spotlight  |  E2A.19  |

- These earrings were originally designed from hand formed clay, then we casted in recycled sterling silver.

- At CAM, we connect closely to crystal energies. So we love that these studs offers a way to keep them close.

- You can pick from 4 different crystal options: Fluorite, Hematite, Aquamarine and Rhodochrosite.


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