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Our New Plant Base Products 
Can I just let out a huge exhale for finally releasing something I have been so passionate about for so long! I have been wanting to offer additional products that I love but couldn't figure out how to weave it within what we are already doing. Over the past few months on IG I've shared the importance of incorporating plants into your life in new and different ways. Now our website offers that to you as well.
All the new products that we've launched are created with plants in mind. The silks are dyed with plants, my favorite face serum is infused with plant beauty and the remedies are crafted with that plant magic. I only took on brands that are small batch, glass bottled, and from a diverse group of women owned businesses.
As a business and now as a stockist I feel like it's important to put my money where my mouth is and support women owned businesses trying to make a difference through plant power and beauty. Floral Serum: Calendula is one of the best plant allies for the skin, very soothing, anti-inflammatory, and helpful for skin regeneration plus dry and irritated skin. Calendula assists in lymphatic drainage, helping to cleanse the body and circulate beneficial cells and nutrients, promoting clearer, brighter skin and supporting increased vitality.
Passionvine Cordial: Passionvine can to boost the level of GABA in your brain. This compound lowers brain activity, which can help you relax and sleep better.
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November Moon Phases

November 14th at 9:07 pm New Moon in Scorpio
November 30th at 1:29 am Full Moon in Gemini

Cam Style Spotlight

The pendant was originally designed from hand formed clay, then
we casted in recycled sterling silver.
At CAM, we connect closely to crystal energies. So we love that this necklace offers a way to keep them close.
You can pick from 4 different crystal options: Fluorite, Hematite,
Aquamarine and Rhodochrosite.
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