New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus

New Moon in Taurus with all her fierce vibes. This is such a beautifully deep earth sign. I feel like month after month I've been harping on these intense retrograde energies. Well take a deep breath, lay back and watch the sky. Taurus is here with her healing energies to hold you, love you and show you how to relax again.

During this time listen to your heart to see what feeds it. Do you need more relaxation and what is actually relaxing to you? Get out in nature and show gratitude for the warmer weather and spring blooms.

Be slow, loving and appreciative.

For those of you doing wishes every New Moon, the topics you want to write about are the following.


Sensual Pleasure





Releasing Stubbornness 


Have the best day of your life,

Ananda Dav