Low Waste Hair Care

Low Waste Hair Care

Low Waste Hair Care


Less is more people. I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole on this topic but let’s just say the many of hair care things we’ve done for years are not actually necessary. They actually inhibit the natural state of your scalp and hair creating a dependency on product. The dependency feeds the beauty industry and so on. So what I recommend is cutting back. I won’t lie this can feel like a huge challenge because your hair and scalp will go through a period of freaking out. And so will you as you try and decide what to do with the greasy ball on top of your head. But after a month or so your scalp regulates and it naturally balances itself. You’ll be able to go longer between washes, your hair will grow thicker and strong and in my case much longer.

@roxiejanehunt got me started on this journey years ago and I will forever be grateful. For many years I used the baking soda and apple cider vinegar root. I highly recommend it. I have also used shampoo/conditioner bars. Those I’ve liked more for ease but do have a different texture. At the moment I am in a phase of supporting small sustainable crafted brands but still not using ‘product’ and washing less as to not disrupt the Ph of my scalp. It's also very much about finding the flow of what you can do with your hair in terms of 'style' when it's maybe not at it's peak clean feeling.



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