Low Waste Hacks

Low Waste Hacks

Sustainability Tip // Sustainable Gift Wrapping

It's weird to say but it's true. I come from a long line of wrappers. Every woman in my family has a 'wrapping room'. It looks like Santa's workshop during the holiday season. So when I started my sustainability journey, the holiday's came around and ideas of interesting sustainable ways to wrap came flooding in. I always felt very connected with foraging and crafting, which I amplify over the holiday season.


Using the nature elements around you like dried orange or dipping beautiful Fall leaves in wax. These are some fun and creative ways to make wrapping part of the actual present. It's a thoughtful and slower way to live, leaving a light footprint and showing those we love that you took deliberate time wrapping their packages.    


Personally this season I will be gifting several of our plan dyed silks as gifts and wrapping!



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