It's time to reconnect with yourself and give thanks

It's time to reconnect with yourself and give thanks

This week I'm sharing my favorite way to relax and find my center in a ritual soak. 


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Spring Ritual Soak

Baths are something we keep for special occasions at our house. I like to keep them mainly for relaxation or medicinal use. The preparation of the bath helps set the tone of relaxation and wind down your mind. 


The woman that taught me most about bathing rituals is Deborah Hanekamp of Mama Medicine. Check out her Ritual Bath book, it's so insightful. Remember that whenever you’re creating space for yourself it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you don’t have every ingredient, don’t worry. Set the intention and drop into a space of listening. 

Here is my go to relaxation bath and how I keep it easy ...

1. Dried Lavender | Aromatic for relaxation.

2. Dried Chamomile | Wonderful for children and calm frazzled nerves.

3. Dried Calendula | Soothes any skin irritation and also child safe.

4. Be Calm & Carry On | A calming collection for ultimate bliss. 

5. Ambient Ritual | Playlist on Spotify.


I bring water to a boil in a big pot on the stove. Place two small handfuls of all the herbs in a strainer or nut milk bag. Once it boils I turn off the heat and toss the bag in the pot. Put the top on and let it sit on the stove for around an hour (if you’re short on time 20min will do as well.)


Fill the bath. I like to add a generous amount of Epsom salt for even more relaxation. Light a candle. Dim the lights and pour the steeped tea into the bath. This allows you to have the benefits of the herbal bath without the mess of cleaning the herbs from the tub. Sometimes if the girls are in there I will throw in a few flowers for fun or the big tea bag if I am open to a little more mess. 


As an added bonus that you will also find in Deborah’s book is adding crystals you’re feeling drawn to at the moment or a small amount of essential oils. I will often bring my larger sacred seven or amethyst in with me both to clean them but also charge up the water. 

Happy soaking!

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