Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

If this week has felt a little unhinged for you, you wouldn't be the only one. Feelings people have reported range from disconnected and blocked to sensitive and depressed. That's a full moon for your people! 

A full moon with an eclipse can bring up a lot of feelings around endings or completions. It brings all your unconscious behaviors and feelings to the surface, which I think EVERYONE dreads. There is no sweeping it under the rug during these times. 

What it's really asking you to do during this time is have the COURAGE to look at those feelings. What acts and behaviors aren't serving you? If you can really take the time to embrace and examine them, the lunar eclipse can help you release, becoming more aware of your intuitive voice. 

Because all of this is happening in LEO (my personal favorite sign), the response to a lot of these feelings and happenings is unrelenting CREATIVITY.

What creative solutions get you out of these habits? Making room for your intuitive voice with creativity can help you bridge insights from the unconscious to the conscious, bringing your dreams into a more grounded space.

Look for the solutions inside by paying attention to your dreams and any little voices throughout the day.  

Also chill out and take it easy on yourself. There are lots of astrological happenings going on out there this weekend so it may be a bit of a rollercoaster. Try not to flail wildly!