Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio

Maybe I have a special affinity for this intense Scorpio moon because I have double Scorpio in my chart with my moon and rising sign. There is never anything casual about the watery emotional depths of Scorpio as it governs transformation, death and sex (read: intimacy).

This Flower Moon is giving a forceful pull, beckoning you to fulfill your Dharma (life's purpose). 

While the Full Moon often carries the theme of release, Scorpio takes this a step further demanding change in order to fulfill your dharma. Change is coming and change is constant. The only aspect of change we can control is our reaction.

How do you read the above image? Are you drowning in the waters of change? OR are you cleansing in the watery depths of our feminine energy only to emerge stronger? The later seems intense, but the transmutation of that energy is powerful. 

Change is building and intuition is riding high. Take time today to sit alone and identify the changes that have been pushing at your soul. What are you resisting about those opportunities? How can you flip the script to find power in these actions? If you release anything, release the resistance and excuses. Dive into the water. Think Transmutation instead of Change.