Full Moon in Aquarius PLUS Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Aquarius PLUS Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius and as I write this we are in the process of a lunar eclipse.

We are just checking all the boxes for intense astrological events this month. Especially with our second Leo New Moon in 2 weeks. 

As many of you know and practice Full Moons are about releasing, but with this astro combination that idea is intensified. With Aquarius energy writing is always a fantastic idea. Today write down what elements you've been shoving to the background and hiding in the dark. What patterns have you resolved yourself to? Those are the ones we need to bring to the surface and burn today. This is a special time that will allow us to shed things we never thought possible.

This energy doesn't end with today however. Tomorrow 8/8 we enter into the peak of the Lionsgate portal (worth googling 😉) and then on to that Leo new moon. For the next two weeks I would really try to stay as conscious and present in your daily life as humanly possible. Attempt to communicate and create consciously even in mundane daily tasks. Do things with intention and thought.


My overall motto during this time will be: